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Sellers’ Guide

So, you’re thinking about selling and you're not quite sure what to expect. Well, if there's one thing that is for certain it’s that you’re likely in prime position as a London property owner for a sale that benefits from a swift time scale and market leading property values.

Nevertheless, and despite the many benefits of owning property within the UK’s leading property hotspot, it still pays to be completely informed, and with this in mind here is what you can expect as vendor, step by simple step.

Taking the first step: Establishing the value of your property

First of all it’s essential that you establish a realistic property value. And when we say realistic, we mean in line with market trends and provided by a reputable professional (not an unscrupulous agent who will bloat your property price to win your business, and then tell you the market has changed down the line after your property languishes upon the market to drop to the true market price whilst having sole agency).

Our team can undertake a property valuation within 30 to 60 minutes and of course every valuation that we provide is completely free from pressure, obligation or sales patter.

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Deciding upon an agent

Choosing an estate agent is probably the most important step to ensuring that your property receives rock solid offers from viable potential purchasers. And whilst we would, of course, promote our own services above those of any one else, we do like to provide a few solid facts behind our business being the right choice. Which you can read all about over on our ‘Why Choose Us?’ page.

Handling a little admin: Arranging an EPC Certificate

For those who aren’t aware today vendors are legally obliged to arrange and provide what is known as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This little document gives any potential purchasers a good idea of how energy efficient your property is, and how much bills may be.

Any good estate agency will be able to arrange this for you, and most pointedly be able to do so at a reasonable rate, such as our team who work closely with HIP partners to secure industry leading rates.

Preparing your property: The vital stage of making your property super shiny

Preparing your property has become ever more vital to fast house sales that secure their full asking price, and the rise and rise of websites such as Zoopla and Prime Location serve as your property's vital window to the world where potential purchasers give you just a few seconds in which to grab their spoilt for choice attention.

Our team knows what works and how properties can be best dressed for fast sales and full asking prices; what’s more they’re also equipped with the professional digital cameras that can truly do justice to your home, inviting potential purchasers in over your threshold even before they’ve booked for an official viewing.

And if you need a little customised advice about dressing for property sale success, then talk to our team for some free, no obligation advice.

Putting on a show: Showing vendors around

Our team provide convincing property viewings without the hard sell or pushy tactics that many other companies hold a bad rep for.

They’ll also provide rock solid advice on all of the little things that can go towards a positive decision to make an offer, such as lighting levels, room staging, parking availability, child care, pets and garden considerations.

Going through negotiations: A stage where a property expert is essential

Negotiating can be a notoriously tricky stage of the sales process, however with the unequivocal hottest market in the UK, coupled with a team of industry leading experts, you can look forward to a decided upper hand that secures preferable asking price offers.

Looking towards the exciting final stage: Completing contracts

All in all the entire process from the acceptance of an offer right through to the final signing and completing of the contracts takes, on average, between 6 to 8 weeks. There are of course plenty of exceptions to these rules and choosing our team as your estate agents will ensure that you’re fully informed for each and every step of the way.

The legal process of completing contracts… in detail

1. Terms are agreed between Seller and Buyer and both parties instruct their conveyancer to work for them.

2. The Seller’s conveyancer obtains the Seller’s title deed and prepares the draft Contract for the Buyer’s conveyancer to approve

3. The Seller’s conveyancer send to the Buyer's conveyancer the draft Contract together with rest of the documentation needed to form the overall contractual package.

4. The Buyer’s conveyancer reviews the detailed terms of the Contract, does the Searches and reviews the results, confirms that there is a Mortgage Offer in place, and also checks the readiness of any dependent sale (in the same chain) to proceed.

5. Contracts are then signed and exchanged at which time a Completion Date is agreed between both parties.

6. The Transfer Deed is prepared by the Buyer’s conveyancer and approved by the Seller’s conveyancer, and then signed in readiness for the Completion Date.

7. The Buyer’s conveyancer obtains the funds for the purchase from the Buyer – either directly, or through the sale of his/her previous property – and the lender (if there is a Mortgage)

8. On the Completion Date the Buyer’s conveyancer sends the required funds to the Seller’s conveyancer (on behalf of the Seller). When receipt of these funds is confirmed by the Sellers conveyancer, the purchase is deemed complete and the Buyer can take legal occupation.

9. The Buyer’s conveyancer pays any Stamp Duty due, and registers the Buyer as the new owner of the property at the Land Registry


In parallel to the legal process, one of more surveys may be commissioned on your property. If the Buyer requires a Mortgage their lender will make arrangements for a very basic survey (known as a Valuation) to provide assurances that it’s worth the price being offered for it. In addition to this, the Buyer may also commission a more comprehensive survey – which will assess in more detail the condition of the property and make appropriate recommendations.

Thinking of selling?

The world of property has irrevocably changed over the past decade. No longer is it enough to advertise through traditional marketing mediums such as a local newspaper and shop window and expect the best of results.

And as a modern, forward thinking company we know that appreciating this can be the difference between reaping the best possible price for your property, and merely meeting bottom end estimates.

What’s more we don’t believe in pressure. And we never rely upon pushy salespeople to sell our services. So talk with our team today, completely free from obligation, about all that we consistently provide to our clients.

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