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Why Choose Us (Lettings)

We are Square Quarters and over the course of our 7 years in business we’ve come to be known as a tried, tested and trusted letting agent for properties of all shapes, sizes and descriptions throughout the ever faster moving city of London.

Our team of property experts bring to their clients over 30 years’ worth of combined industry experience, who each know the London property market inside out and back to front, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents in equal measures. And when you’re dealing with the fastest moving market of all, you need the right team of experts behind you.

We place our clients at the centre of all that we do, from finding reliable and trustworthy tenants through to covering a providing essential advice that sees properties let and sold in industry leading timescales.

Landlords: Look forward to industry leading service, delivered by experienced experts

We know that your inbox is filled each day with marketing noise. And we also realise that you likely face a mountain of junk mail every day that you open your door.

So in a world of marketing messages we like to cut through the noise with six solid promises to our potential clients…

Opening hours that flex and fit to suit you

Today, we go way beyond the basics to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer opening hours that fit around you and your busy life as well as providing a flagship online management tool that allows you to check our progress with your property in real time, and at a time that suits you.

We are never satisfied

We never say enough is enough, and we never ever stop retraining, evolving and improving in our quest to continually exceed your expectations.

We provide unparalleled marketing reach

We’ve built up quite the network of connections over our years in business, with a marketing strategy that extends far beyond traditional mediums such as newspapers and shop windows over and across social networks and property website powerhouses such as Zoopla, RightMove and Prime Location, but most importantly our well nurtured regularly contacted database.

In this way we truly have marketing that harnesses all that the modern world can provide, whilst still appreciating the scope and reach of traditional mediums.

We are fast

With a tenant database of over 2000 individuals, we’ve already found your tenant… we just need your property.

We are focussed on keeping fees down

We aim for nothing less than the best fee structure in town, so you know that you’re truly receiving the best bang for your buck, whilst being backed up by a solid landlord focussed service.

Robust peace of mind through third party referencing

We comprehensively vet all of our potential tenants, which extends to include security and credit checks (essential for both peace of mind, and for the protection of your property).

We adhere to the most stringent codes of practice

We are fully fledged members of:

The PROPERTY OMBUDSMAN: Which provides our clients with peace of mind that they have an easy way of redress.


SAFE AGENT: This official stamp of approval denotes firms that protect landlords’ and tenants’ money through a client protection scheme

So, you want a few more solid reasons for choosing Square Quarters?

Well here are three...

1. We serve as your one and only port of call, where you have one contact number and email: free from third parties, free from sub-contractors. Just simple solutions to any of your questions, queries or enquiries.

2. We’ll be your legal guardians, ensuring that you meet all the requirements that you need to, with every T crossed, and I'S dotted. This extends to include what can be health and safety and legal minefields: such as gas, electricity and furnishings.

3. We’ll be on hand to respond as quickly as possible to any of your questions as and when you need, all whilst focussing on keeping your stress levels low, with your property yield returns high!

Square Quarters: Renting homes, not houses and placing perfect tenants within the on-point properties that they deserve